We have 2 eight-colour Comexi CI machines and a 6 colour CMF machine. Both of our eight colour machines are gearless and use chamber blades for high quality printing. We specialise in printing on BOPP, LLDPE, NYLON, PET, LAMINATES, CELLO and many other types of packaging films.


Our Micro-Perforators allow us to perforate a large selection of films for salad packaging, microwavable packaging such as vegetables or pie films. We have added a brand new state-of-the-art perforator, which arrived in November 2017, and will increase our production capacity for perforation. The new perforator also doubles as a slitting machine which is capable of slitting any flexible packaging film at high speeds.


Lamination is the process of adhering one film to another and trapping the print inside. Flexible laminate films are often used in many different markets ranging from pet food to frozen foods and confectionary. We at Harden Packaging have been specialising in solventless lamination for over 20 years and in 2015, we purchased a Comexi high speed solventless laminator. The advantage of solventless lamination is there is no solvent retention, no odour, and a perfectly clear finished product.

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Harden Packaging produces rewind for numerous types of produce, supermarket chains, bakery and confectionery companies. We have a high speed solventless laminator for producing all types of laminated rewind, up to 1200mm wide. We also print potting mix bags and rewind for several local packers, and some of Australia’s best known brands! We offer laser perforation services, which is essential for modified atmosphere packaging, and have the resources to calculate the correct breathability for your produce.

Every wrap is just a snap

Other than the products shown on our website, we can also have your package custom-made to your specific requirements. We also constantly research for new types of film for an ever developing market, to ensure we offer you the best products at the best prices!

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